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Welcome seekers. I am Sister Donyelle, an artist, reader, and healing practitioner from Minneapolis, Minnesota. From my home and garden, I cultivate supportive services to help those desiring to improve and enrich their lives. I am now available for online sessions! Let's connect safely. No matter the distance, I can help.

My works as a healing practitioner utilize medicinal and magical herbs, fiber, sculptural and literary arts, and a spiritualist approach. All of which are guided by a deeply held belief in our Living Ancestors. The beings that lend their wisdom and power to enable the healing of individuals, communities, and the land. Explore my service options below and be sure to book today. Sessions are limited and first-come-first-served! 

Ancestor Readings


I offer ancestor readings across several disciplines, including journey work, mediumship, and oorlog tending. These readings are deep dives into the energies motivating what was, what is, and what is becoming in your life. Sessions booked 1-week in advance. 90-minute Session | $150*

*sliding scale available


One on One Spiritual Care


Using multidisciplinary folkways and herbal wisdom we investigate what will encourage and facilitate healing, protection, guidance, and wellness for you, your family, and your home to connect, learn, and transform. 90-minute Session | $99*

*sliding scale available


Service Consultation


Uncertain about which services you need, interested in creating a more comprehensive healing plan, or commissioning a unique work? Let's discuss your current needs and goals to discover which healing provisions will serve you best. 60-minute Session |$99*

*sliding scale available


One on One Dollwork


Individual Dollwork sessions are available online! This is still a hands-on spiritual experience that allows you to tap into the incredible spectrum of ancestor connections, the Sacred Feminine, celebrations, or healing and medicinal pieces. Materials provided via delivery. 2hr Session | $175

hijab girls.jpg

Doll Workshops


Doll workshops require a minimum of 5 participants and span from simple pillow making to celebrations such as holidays and birthdays. We can also explore deeper themes such as ancestors and healing. All workshops are currently virtual, with materials provided via delivery. 3hr Session | $99 per person

sauna fire cupping.jpg

Fire Cupping & Body Work


Cupping is an ancient healing modality used on every continent by cultures around the world to treat numerous ailments. Relax and unwind with fire cupping, Gua Sha, loving touch, and more. In-person services are available. 60-minute Session|$99*

*sliding scale available

Sister Dee in action:

Making Aronia Berry Syrup #makingdatmedicine

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